Pigeon Manual Breast Pump (00852S)

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Quick Overview

Expressing breast milk is a good way for new mothers to relieve engorgement and is also a good way to store breast milk for late night feeds.




Pigeon Manual Breast Pump (00852S)

Manually operated and lightweight, the portable PIGEON Breast Pump is practical and easy to use. The suction pressure of the breast pump is adjustable to suit every mother’s comfort. The nipple stimulator, which is made of soft rubber, gently massages the nipple area to aid the expression of milk. Finally, with its piped down design and functionality, the PIGEON Manual Breast Pump allows you to discreetly express milk wherever you are.

Key Features:

  • Prevent Block Ducts
  • Plastic Shield Fits Naturally to Breast
  • Extracts Remaining Breast Milk Helps to Stimulate Lactation
  • Stimulate Mammary Gland
  • Can be Sterilized in Boiling Water
  • For Flat and Inverted Nipples
  • Draw Out Nipples Gently and Safely
  • Style Code: 00-852S

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