Selling on EveryCare provides businesses of all sizes not only a pan India reach but also the most precise market reach. Any company or individual can list an unlimited number of products and benefit from EveryCare’s unmatched selling and payment technology infrastructure, marketing promotion impact and penetrating distribution expertise.

Listing on is absolutely free.

What’s more, we would provide you every support that you need to grow your business. We would have done it anyway, but you could feel further pleased and assured in the light of the fact that our success depends solely on your success. 🙂

The Advantage of Selling on

  • Compliment your existing sales channel by a new, precise and new age national market
  • Easy for you to set up store, even more convenient buying experience for your new and savvy customers
  • Free EveryCare support for your business growth
  • No product listing fees
  • No upfront costs of creating a website or setting up a physical store
  • Secure payments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is 'Sell on EveryCare'?

EveryCare (recognised across India with the hashtag #everycare) is India’s first human care (products and services) marketplace. It allows you to set up your shop (store) and sell your items to people across India. You can consider this as an opportunity to have a commercial space for your business in India’s principal online commercial zone for the specific category of products and services, which your offerings belong to.

In simple words, how does 'Sell on EveryCare' work?

As the image on the top left of this page shows, selling on is easy. First you list the products that you want to sell on (human care) marketplace. Customer sees your product and makes a purchase. You will receive an email to ship the product. You deliver the product to the customer and confirm shipment. #everycare will deposit the funds into your bank account after deducting its fees.

What can I sell on

Please contact us to confirm if you could sell a particular item. But in general, you can sell disability products, products for patients, old age products, children products, women products, (government approved) security devices, medical devices, health & fitness items and all the unique products/items that make daily living simpler and easier.

How do I begin selling on

In order to register, please visit Contact Us and provide the following information.

  • Your contact details – email and phone number
  • Basic information about your business (products and/or services that you want to sell / offer)
  • Your company details

Remember, registration on is absolutely free.

Once we receive and review the information, we will respond to you with next steps. If you provide complete details in the first mail itself, you can expect to have your #everycare account in 48-72 hours. As a final step, activation of the account would require your signature on our basic contract.

Do I need a physical and internet store to be able to sell on

The simple and easy answer is ‘no’. All you need is a product that you can legally sell on #everycare ‘Human Care Marketplace’. Just registers with us for free and start selling. Can’t wait, right?

Which places can I sell my products to via Can I sell internationally too?

You can ship / deliver your products to over 7,500 pin codes in India. We are expecting the number to cross 10,000 soon.

At this moment, we are working towards starting the facility to sell overseas. You too would require a licence to be able to sell overseas – once we begin the service

What is the total fee / cost of my selling on

Registration on is FREE.

Listing your products is FREE in the ongoing inaugural offer (valid till December 31, 2015).

We charge you a minute percentage when you get an order. The exact percentage for every type of product and service would be shared with you in the ‘Welcome Email’ that every new seller / vendor receives from #everycare.

What if I don't like the services, can I cancel my account?

Absolutely; you can delete your account any time you want. What’s more, you can come again too, any time you want. Don’t you just love this? 🙂

How and when do I get paid by

EveryCare disburses payment to the registered bank accounts of vendors / sellers every week. So, you registered bank account would receive money from #everycare seven days after your order / item is confirmed as shipped.

Are VAT and CST numbers mandatory for me to sell on

Yes and No.

In order to list your products on, VAT/CST is necessary.

However, in case you are selling products which are exempted from tax, you need not provide VAT/CST numbers.

So, unless your products belong to the above category, you need to register for VAT and CST as per India’s sales tax law and provide VAT and CST to #everycare.

With regards to this, we suggest you to kindly reach out to your local tax advisor/chartered accountant. They should be able to assist you better as to how you can proceed with submitting applications for the same.

#everycare always advises all its sellers to reach out to different Tax Consultant Companies, check with them regarding their issues and then decide upon one which is the most feasible for them.