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  • Contains 7 Ovulation tests
  • AUST L 178 739 – Approved by the TGA (Australia), European Authorities, Indian FDA
  • Highly Sensitive – Detects surge in LH levels as low as 20mlU/ml (versus other products at 25mlU/ml)
  • Brand: Homecheck
  • Over 99% accurate*
  • Fast results – within minutes
  • First time in India
  • Fully imported using US technology





Home Check Instant Ovulation Test Kit :-

How to get pregnant in 3 easy pregnancy tips:

1. Know your menstrual cycle (periods)

• A majority of women have irregular menstrual cycles. Unless you know precisely when you are ovulating, it will be very difficult to fall pregnant.
• Use the ovulation calendar on this site to determine the days when you are likely to be ovulating.
• Then you need to use the Homecheck test kit to determine precisely when there is a LH surge as the window to maximise fertilisation (conception) is only 24 hours after the LH surge – see 3 easy steps below in using the Homecheck Ovulation Test kit
• Fun part – within the 24 hour window have sex to maximise your chances in getting pregnant.

2. Healthy Diet

• Being overweight or worse obese can affect your chances of falling pregnant easily
• Know your ideal weight and maintain it


• This will assist in maintaining ideal weight, boost libido, improve your metabolic rate, reduce stress
• All key elements in falling pregnant.

So, we strongly recommend that before you think about in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), and become obsessed by infertility issues, try the true, tested and proven method that is safe, convenient and comes at a fraction of the cost- what do you have to lose!!

Improve your chances of falling pregnant by accurately predicting your ovulation date

What is the Homecheck Instant Ovulation Test kit?
Homecheck Instant Ovulation Test Kit is designed to detect the surge in Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and with the aid of an Ovulation Calendar the test can accurately predict the right time for conceiving. The body always makes small amounts of LH but prior to ovulation it makes far more. This test device will detect the LH surge which happens in the middle of your menstrual cycle, about 1 -1.5 days before ovulation.

Why should I use the Homecheck Instant Ovulation test Kit?

A pregnancy begins with conception. A child is conceived when the male sperm successfully fertilizes the female egg. Successful fertilization is most likely during a 24-hour period following the LH surge. Since this window is only open once a month and for a short period of time, being able to predict the L.H surge is very helpful when trying to conceive.

Homecheck Instant Ovulation test is highly accurate and sensitive. It can detect surge in LH levels as low as 20mlU/ml.

An ovulation calendar or ovulation calculator can be used to track your menstrual cycle. This in conjunction with the Homecheck ovulation kit can help you better predict your ovulation date. We have provided an ovulation calculator opposite so that you can track your menstrual cycle.

3 easy Steps:

• Simply collect urine in a clean, dry container
• Dip the Ovulation Test strip in the urine as directed and
• Read the results
NB. Follow the instructions provided in the pack completely.


• For external use only
• Always read the label
• Use only as directed

*In laboratory and consumer clinical studies

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