To Return an Item You Ordered:

Go to the Customer Care Center and click Raise Support Ticket

Give the following details in your ticket:

  1. The name and purchase date of the product
  2. The customer / purchase code
  3. The payment receipt number
  4. The contact details entered by you during the purchase

Also, give the REASON FOR RETURN in the same ticket. For example:

“This is different from product that I had ordered” or
“The product is faulty” or
“The product has got some damage (scratch / broken) during shipping & delivery etc.

NOTE: Exact (and valid) reason by you helps us make the vendor(s) in question reply fast and decisively.

Soon after you raise the ticket, the return & refund process gets initiated. Your claim would first be validated and then you would be asked to courier / ship back the product at an address provided by us. The cost of the return courier/shipping would be refunded back to you.

A refund will be initiated when the return package is received and processed (checking of the product & documents) at our facility. It typically takes 8-14 business days.

We would take #everycare to ensure that you don’t have to go through this process. 🙂