EveryCare – The Human Care Marketplace ™ is India’s first and only marketplace dedicated solely to products and services for human care – pertaining to both health and safety.

#everycare provides customers India’s widest range of ‘Human Care Products and Services‘ and an exclusive platform for vendors across the country to connect with millions of focused customers.

everycare.in offers the widest range of products from thousands of national, international and regional brands across diverse categories like elderly care that includes adult diapers, toilet support memory aids; disability care that includes movement aids like wheelchairs, walkers, sticks, scooters;, women care that includes pregnancy kit, body hygiene, home management aids; child care that includes infant products, learning products; safety and security care that includes surveillance cameras, smoke alerts, caretaker alert; daily living care that includes kitchen, bathroom, living room aids; medical care that includes medical devices and medicines and health care that includes nutrients, physical therapy aids etc.

In addition to the urgent, vital and emergency products, everycare.in also features products that make life a much easier and joyous experience like special apparel, body care, special watches and clocks, ergonomic furniture and speciality kitchen utensils and much more.

The idea is simple, #everycare means to offer CARE for your desire for a healthy, easy and joyous life – at a discounted cost. 😉

Here’s just a sample list of care avenues by #everycare –