In today’s hugely competitive and frustratingly cluttered advertising and marketing universe, it makes for good sense to make your brand shine and standout in a dedicated community of prospective buyers. Yes, that’s what is – and that’s where you can get the maximum return on your communication investment.

The #everycare universe is a extremely focused adult from well-to-do families., therefore, provides an attractive advertising and marketing opportunity, with effective targeting and measurability.

Here are some of the avenues for your advertising / marketing content:

Home Page:

It is our most visited page of our Human Care Marketplace. We offer advertising opportunity on the home page only for the select reputed brands that for great deals or exclusive rights for new product arrival or end of cycle products for the customer of

Category Page

Category page is an extremely focused opportunity for advertisers of / for a particular department/category of products to showcase their own brand – right at the landing page of that category on

Brands Directory Page has not one but two types of directories – one for all the sellers/vendors/brands that sell their products and services via our Human Care Marketplace and one for all those thousands of retailers/stockists/wholesalers/businesses that list their businesses on a FREE directory. You can take advantage of either one or both the listings page to advertise your product/service.


We have a very robust list of subscribers who have ‘ticked’ to receive regular newsletter from us. You can put an advertisement in the newsletter. You can also advertise with banners on our order confirmation emails.

Inserts or Product Samples in Shipping Box

This is the single most impactful form of advertising / marketing. We ship thousands of orders each month to nearly 7500 PIN codes across India. You can have your marketing collateral or retail coupon or product samples be inserted in our shipping boxes.

Business Directory

EveryCare has an ever-growing business directory. You can make use of the directory by listing your business in a special block titled “Featured Listings”, drawing immediate and action oriented attention to your listing.