The 360° Care Marketplace

EveryCare is India’s first online marketplace dedicated solely to human care products. It is founded by Anshuman Rawat, an Indian serial entrepreneur, communications specialist and journalist-editor after a recent soul-crushing personal experience:

200 meters from one of Asia’s best management institute, no means of managing routine (fourth floor apartment sans elevator facility) home-hospital-home transfer of an elderly patient, his own father… 

Across India, we see so many mind-numbing instances of families having to go through an extremely difficult way of life – every single day – because small things that can make life’s jigsaw complete are not easily available.

The #everycare mission is simple – to bring all those products together that are essential to an easier and joyous life, and then evolve to be the meeting place for all those who care for a fellow human life. Come, let’s walk the challenge together.

For Unique Needs and Special People

The most profitable way for companies in the present time is the assembly line method, where a million similar products are created in the same mold for everyone. Of course, not every need, every person can be addressed by that method.

As the title lays it out very clearly, #everycare is about two simple definitions:

  • Unique Needs – Owing to age, mental and physical state and everyday living circumstances
  • Special People – Who are either born with challenges or have been left with challenges because of natural or man-made mishaps

In the coming time, we shall strive to travel as much distance within those two definitions as humanly possible.


360° Products for 360° Care

There are products that we want, then there are the ones that we require or need. Those are all important products. But sometimes we need that extra bit more – products that want to be with you, because that is the only thing they were made for.

Where would you find a wheelchair or a wheelchair commode but with a person who desperately needs it?

Yes, the defining mission of #everycare is to bring to you products that would not fit life in isolation!

The vision is to to create a symbiotic universe where the products that you find at become an extension of you – completing each other in the process.

Come, let’s be a little more human towards the humane products that were born to be a part of humanity.

Unlocking Individual Challenges

It would have been very easy for us to stop an unique needs group requirement. But that would really be a travesty of the purpose of this venture.

So, while one may be fighting the ability to walk, it does not necessarily mean that the challenge is similar to another person who is similarly disadvantaged – leave aside people of other physical challenges.

And there lies the difference: #everycare is about listening to you and trying to come up with as many humane products as possible – to make life an easier, simpler and joyous process at an individual level.

We have devised a process where people like you can continuously write to us, requesting products that you would like to see here. We promise to travel an extra mile to try and bring that product to you.