Pregnancy Handbook for Indian Moms by Dr. Vinita Salvi (Paperback)

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Pregnancy Handbook for Indian Moms by Dr. Vinita Salvi (Paperback) :-

“It is said that giving birth can be a life-changing experience. While in Indian society, pregnancy and childbirth are sometimes considered to be a right of passage for women, more and more women now want to arm themselves with the knowledge of what to expect during a pregnancy term. The Pregnancy Handbook for Indian Moms can be helpful for pregnant mothers on what to expect in the next few months.

The Pregnancy Handbook for Indian Moms explains the various symptoms and reactions that the body is expected to go through during different phases of pregnancy. Moreover, the book provides a monthly chart of all the physical changes that one can expect during pregnancy. This helps women get a clear idea of what they have to look forward to and also helps women to prepare themselves for the various changes that they are about to experience.

The book also lists various medical tests that one is required to go through for each consecutive trimester. This helps women understand the relevance of each test in regards to the health of the fetus as the pregnancy progresses. In addition to this, the book also provides a list of healthy foods and exercises that can help a woman prepare her body for the changes that pregnancy entails. The book thus provides an in-depth view of what life will probably be like for pregnant women. The book was published in 2013 by Penguin India and is available in paperback.

Key Features:

The book is a useful guide for pregnant women.
In addition to exploring the various lifestyle changes that a woman can expect during pregnancy, the book also includes the various issue that one might expect if they are going through a high-risk pregnancy.
The book provides numerous helpful suggestions and precautions for women undergoing a high risk pregnancy.
The book also describes the various issues of labor and childbirth and how to prepare for it in the best way possible.”


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